DRESSEMBER Challenge Day Five - RAWR at Lebanon

11:00:00 AM

I knew you were trouble when you walked in.
Teacuppers, can you guess who I'm addressing? 

It's pretty simple... The Location.
You're probably wondering what the trouble is in this normal non-risky-looking street. 

For starters, this street is the presidential street in Lebanon. 

My bestie/photographer/collaborator Farrah and I were cruising around Beirut looking for a good place to shoot this AMAZING outfit. 

And you may or may not know, that the best set for an outfit shoot is basically a nice-looking sidewalk. Yep, Fashion Blogging 101. 

And you may or may not know, that Lebanon offers the shittiest sidewalks in the history of sidewalks, for multiple reasons. 
Let me name a few - cars own sidewalks, pedestrians need to be equilibrists, the tiles are uneven/nonexistent/used to stop the wheels from turning.

Anyhow, we ended up on this boring, yet decent street where the lighting (Fashion Blogging 102) is pretty good. 

Long story short, some men from the army intervened in our artwork and decided to put an end to this photo-shoot.

Neither Farrah nor I minded really. We were done when they showed up and we had amazing photos nevertheless. 

Anyways! Then my mom brought up this amazing quote yesterday, saying 'Nothing public ever works in Lebanon'.

And I think that's really unfair. 
Easy simple example - look at Farrah and I in our adventure, did we bother anyone? Did we harm nature? 
On the contrary, we're just bringing more beauty to the world (I just mean this outfit, it's flawless!)!

All in all, I just think Lebanese people should start thinking of everything as their own and take care of this little country before it turns to dust. 

Dress - CHAYAKA (The Whole Collaboration will make you lose your mind) / Shoes - Superga / Bag - Burberry / Earrings - POP 3arabeh / Watch - Omorfia

Please share 'cause I'm really proud of this outfit and post! ;)

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