DRESSEMBER Challenge Day Nine - Bow To The Queen!

12:31:00 PM

Bows & Velvet.
What else would you add to the tea party? 

I've never been a girly girl but...
I would rather wear a leather jacket than wear a dress with a bow. 
However, you have no idea how much a little bow can make your day brighter.

We've talked about sidewalks, let's talk about bows. 

Bows are childish and happy. Where you would expect to see a bow would be on the head of your daughter, or on the back of her dress, or on your son's gift, or on a brand new Mercedes. 

Anyways, we associate bows with joyful things. And it's 1/100 ways to make you feel more confident. You will feel like you're a gift.
I do not mean this as 'your body is a gift' or 'you're an object'.

Of course not!
But you can make people around you happy. And the bow is a symbol for your confidence and the message you're trying to transfer.

Let's be honest, what compliments the bow better than anything is... 
POP 3arabeh.

And velvet. I mean, really, velvet in your feet. 
Velvet is just awesome. It's a simple material that makes you effortlessly chic.

Dress - Dgee / Shoes - H&M / Bag - Abc Department Store / Earrings - Pop 3arabeh

What's your favorite item?

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