DRESSEMBER Challenge Day Nineteen - When You Try And Be Seductive

11:15:00 AM

3 Posts, 1 Day... That's a record I'm never going to break unless I'm that late again!

Want to know why you should never date me? 

I'm started to get really pissed of myself because all through the month I've worn several LBDs mostly. 
I should probably add some color from now on!

But can you blame me? Black IS the classiest color of all. 

I love this clutch so so so much. I love this shape of clutches to be honest, they're so chic and chill. 
*Hint Hint for Christmas Gifts*

Basically we shot this at night. I'm confused as to how good it turned out.

Thank you Beirut Souks for being the best place to shoot - ALWAYS!

I think this is the part after I hit my head. Funny story actually. 
I was trying to look really seductive in my pose *WEIRD ME*.
Anyways, I ended up hitting my head on the metallic surface and I literally felt like I could've had a concussion.

This is the moment where I was trying to soothe my ache with anything I could find to apply pressure on my head.
Don't even ask me how I was smiling.
I was dying on the inside.  

Teacuppers, you're going to have to miss me for a few days - till Tuesday hopefully. 
Basically Tuesday I'll post more than once as well! ;)

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