DRESSEMBER Challenge Day One - Join ME!

11:00:00 AM

Hey Teacuppers!
Hope you're all doing fine. 
As I previously announced through Instagram, today is the first day of the Dressember challenge I am taking part in.

You may or may not know that I'm an extremist when it comes to feminism. 
Here's the whole point of this challenge. Read it, and join me!

Dressember uses fashion to advocate for women who've been exploited for their femininity. As women take on the creative challenge of wearing a dress for the 31 days of December, they are advocating for the inherent dignity of all women.

The challenge in itself is pretty simple, right?
The message behind it is what makes it special and unique.

If you want to help me raise awareness for this cause, join me.
All you have to do is, sign up to Dressember.
And join my team Fashion Tea Cup to start spreading it around.

It's really amazing to be able to make a change through fashion and fun. 
It doesn't necessarily include hard-work, but it definitely spread the message of love and compassion.

For this cause, I decided to collaborate with multiple brands and stores interested in showing off women's femininity.

The first one I am announcing is PINK AUBERGINE. 
This original concept store offers a wide array of clothing, shoes, and fun accessories. 

Dress - Pink Aubergine
Bag - Zara
Shoes - Superga
Bracelet - Vanina 

That was it for Day 1 of the Dressember Challenge.
What do you think? Ready to join?

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