DRESSEMBER Challenge Day Seven - Let Me Add Dgee

11:00:00 AM

Please welcome the one and only DGEE For Her, an amazing retail store that only handles good brands with the chicest of tastes!

Dgee is a clothing store that I have been in love with since day one.

Basically 75% of my wardrobe consists of Dgee.

It's a flawless place to get good, high fashion products.

It includes designs for the youngsters (us!) to the eldest (my mom, who's not really that old, sorry mom).

I forgot I am wearing her heels here, she's going to hate me for that. 
But that's okay, as long as I'm making a point and as long as you understand the age audience of the brand.

This dress is really amazing because it's so chic and comfortable.

Also, the design is pretty simple yet it's developed in a way that styling it is super easy. 

As you can see, nothing too statement-y was added to the mix. Just a nice pair of heels and some light jewelry to go with it.

Fun fact, I was also wearing a ruby from my mom's closet, in this next picture.

It's funny to start a shoot and forgetting your bag in the car for half of it. 
But yeah, the Michael Kors makes its appearance.

Dress - Dgee / Bag - Michael Kors / Heels - Carrissima

What are you thoughts about it?

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