DRESSEMBER Challenge Day Seventeen - Christmas Decorations & The One Way To Get All Your Gifts

8:19:00 AM

Found Blow's friend on a mug and took advantage of it to shoot my home's Christmas decoration for you.

Hoping you like it because my mom puts so much effort into it and focuses on the little things. 
I mean, Go Big or Go Home -right? 

You can do so much in a dress - like chilling at home and drinking coffee.

My mom really loves Christmas, and when I say really, I mean really.
She basically dragged me along with her for an hour way so she can get a cute mistletoe.

Now, let's meet Santa.
If you don't know Santa, he makes dreams come true unless you've been naughty. So just don't be naughty. 

Or else, you'd have to go through extreme length to get your Christmas gifts on time. #SleepingWithSanta

Check out the little trees and the cute houses on the table behind me!

I still don't get why there's the house of Hansel Of Gretel. Weirdest version of Santa Clause. Mom? A little explanation is order.

I was trying to look evil. Obviously failed!

Let's sing -
Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

This is basically what happens with every table in the house. 
We have an unbelievable amount of Santas and Angels.

Angels are basically an obsession, I think I counted them once, there were like 40 something.

Les Anges Dans Nos Campagnes kind of moment. 
*The Angels In Our Countryside*
A french song that you can google as Gloria in Excelsis Deo. 

Even the angels are playing some music. Yep, really happy mood.

These are my favorite. We have those three little cups and I HAVE NO IDEA HOW she found three little angels to fit perfectly.

Excuse the tape on his hands, it's for his own good.

Now, who said these belong on the tree?

More angels!

Because having one tree up is too mainstream.

Guess what! More angels!

And more Angels!
Okay enough I guess. There's so much more I'm not showing. I'll leave it for next year! 

Spot me in the last picture (5 times!)
Shall I call you angels?

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