DRESSEMBER Challenge Day Sixteen - The Christmas Shoot REVEALED & A Little Teaser!

9:40:00 AM

Teacuppers! I'm finally revealing this AMAZING Christmas shoot.

You might have seen it on my header, my sidebar, my contact page or my about page. But you haven't seen it all. 

I had the BEST time shooting with Blow. 
Blow is basically the snowman on my head. 

Here's a fun fact about me - I name EVERYTHING.
Tried looking like Blow in this next one.

I specially name cars. Which is going to be quite fun because *ANNOUNCEMENT* - There's a car section coming up on my Instagram and maybe on my here (still haven't figured it out yet).

Anyways, my plans for 2016 are CRAZY and I'm loving them, I hope you do too.

They will all be announced VERY soon on here. 
Be ready! 

New sections coming up, new plans and GUESTS!

I got to the point where I was dancing with Blow, and he was sarcastically going to hit me. 

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