DRESSEMBER Challenge Day Ten - The Last Of Pink Aubergine... not for long.

7:01:00 PM

Mieux vaut tard que jamais. 
Meaning - Better late than never.

I'm a couple of hours late from my usual posting time of the month. Pretty simple explanation - I accidentally scheduled my post to 11PM not AM, which is basic me. 

Anyhow, I'm wear a cat-butterfly. I'm usually more of a dog person but this looks pretty nice, doesn't it?

For all you fashion lovers out there, this dress is by Pink Aubergine with whom a giveaway is coming up soon. You can check all details on my Instagram later this month.

You're all invited to participate. 

Speaking of Pink Aubergine, I love this aubergine color. It's a perfect color for the season. Specially with all the festive colors, you can choose a darker shade of red like this one and still feel like a diamond.

You MUST know that my superga addiction goes on and on with this flawless must-have pair of supergas. 

Also, check out the last two shots where I failed at the 'crossing the road' pose. 

Dress - Pink Aubergine / Shoes - Superga / Bag - Jacques Esterel 

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