DRESSEMBER Challenge Day Thirteen - Extreme Length

7:27:00 PM

The things I would do for my blog are endless.

Today's shoots reminded me of the length I would go through for good pictures.

It was freezing cold for this outfit and the second one I shot today (which will be on the blog on the 24th of December).

It also started raining and we had to manage. 

Anywho, I took sport-chic to a whole new level. 
Chanel & Supergas.

I basically don't take off these sneakers. 

Would you like to see my reaction to getting a Chanel?
My mom filmed me, it was priceless. 
Comment below if you want to see it! 

I love this dress by Mary C. It's got great details and mixes sexy and chic.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, even if my finals are coming up and the last thought I should have is Christmas. 

Speaking of, what's your Christmas wishlist? 

Dress - Mary C / Bag - Chanel / Shoes - Superga 

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