DRESSEMBER Challenge Day Three - Introducing Pop 3arabeh

11:00:00 AM

Today I'm telling you about the amazing designs of Pop 3arabeh. 

If you're into statement jewelry pieces, stay with me for this one. 
Pop 3arabeh is a simple, extravagant brand of accessories. 
It integrates funky, meaningful messages into daily items.

Their colorful designs are what's best for a simple outfit. So if you're trying to save yourself from going monochrome way too often, here's an idea - POP 3ARABEH.

For the non-arabic speakers, 'pop 3arabeh' means arabic pop. 
In fact, the pieces designed include Arabic writing and Pop of colors.

Using their designs is amazing for stepping up your style in the most simple of ways!

After all, 'accessories are the exclamation point of an outfit'. Remind me again who said that?

What do you think?

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