DRESSEMBER Challenge Day Twenty - Scarlet Rose Boutique

1:49:00 AM

Guess what is happening today?

I AM introducing the AMAZING new boutique I'm teaming up with - Scarlet Rose Boutique.

The boutique is located in Hamra and is a multi-brand retailer. 

It offers a wide array of styles (as will be featured on my blog). 

Items include dresses, skirts, tops, accessories... 

Also, I would like to thank the world for beautiful vistas such as this one, which I found by pure hazard. 

You'd think you've seen it all when you've been living in the same city for 18 years... but there are still breath-taking moments you can capture with the eyes of your heart. (DEEP)

And of course, my one true love is always present.
Can you guess where the earrings are from?

Let's put the earrings aside. The necklace is also from Scarlet Rose's.

Seriously, you should consider taking a look at the boutique specially in the holiday season.
It's got dresses you don't even knew you needed.

I love my lipstick as well - It's MAC (As usual)
I've been addicted to it lately. 

Goodbye darling!

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