Goodbye Dressember

12:30:00 PM

And a happy new year! 

Be happy. Be bright. Be you.

Dressember has taught me a lot. 
Honestly let me give you a 'Expectations/Reality' study of the month.

EXPECTATIONS - Hard work, Exhausting Photoshoots, Bad Pictures, Bad Quality...
REALITY - Confidence, Finding A Passion, Hard work, Great Collaborations, Meeting People, Feeling Good.

Dressember was honestly good to me. I invite everyone to take on this challenge starting December 2016.
Because, what you will feel because of it, is indescribable. 

I've never felt this confident. I've never felt this true. 
I've been my real self this month.
I've learned a lot about what I like, what I dislike...

I learned the importance of taking pictures, of freezing time, of remembering and reminiscing. 
I learned about great brands and the great people behind them.

I learned about the importance of being good and being thankful.

I never wrote that much and I learned the importance of writing down your thoughts, of giving your point of view, of making your voice matter.

I learned about women struggling with violence and with lack of confidence.
I learned about what I truly want to change in the world.

I was happy to see people liking my pictures and Dressember succeeding on my blog. And I was happy to hear your comments and your thoughts regarding my initiative.

I learned it, the hard way, that haters gonna hate. 
And that people will talk, no matter what. 
I learned that you should be bold and be you.

I take this moment to thank all brands that have worked with me through the month and tell them I truly believe in them and that it's not the end, it's just the beginning!

Outfit from Chayaka / Shoes - Poise / Earrings - Pop 3arabeh

2016 is around the corner and Fashion Tea Cup wishes you a very happy new year!

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  1. So beautiful shooting. Love your top, perfect for this night and shoes and clutch are amazing!!! I wish you a very happy New Year's Eve. Kisses from Italy,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Bloglovin of Eniwhere Fashion


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