7 Tips To Stop Your 2016 Healthy Lifestyle From Drowning Down The Toilet

4:09:00 PM

It's only January 10th and my diet is already sailing to Australia. 
And hey, if it didn't work starting January 1st, I guess I'll wait till 2017. 
Or shall I try Mondays this year as well?

Here's a little tip, stop procrastinating everything in life, even your diet, because your health is not just a deadline you have to meet. 
You, making a change, will make a change.
Here's how!

If you're the type to always stick to one dish everywhere, change it. And if you're actually into changing your dish, how about you change the menu page and turn to DIET menu? 
Try It, it might not be that bad. 

You might wonder how going outside affects your plate. Being in the sun and surrounded by nature will psychologically help you into ordering a salad, and eating your greens. 
And when I say go outside, I don't mean 'go pubbing late at night' - that is not the 'outside' I want you to experience.

Go to your social media accounts and unfollow food accounts that add a little too much fat into their posts, and follow inspiring people who had a fitness journey, or accounts that would make you want to eat fruits.
These are the kinds of people you need in your life.

So you've had a Nutella pot, half empty, resting on your shelf for two decades? 
Throw it. 
Let everything you want to get rid of out of your reach. At least your house won't push you into eating what you want to stop. 

Schedule your next day before going to sleep. Make sure you have LOTS of things to do. The busier you are, the less likely you are to eat.

After getting rid of what's bad for you, make sure you replace your food with healthy choices. Go vegetable shopping. Make sure you get LOADS of apples, you're going to finish them all. Make sure you have healthy snacks to eat during your Netflix & Chill time.

Step by step, you will get there. Take pictures, encourage yourself and share with your friends every step of the way. Make yourself proud and let them help you out. 

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  1. Thanks for these tips, hopefully I can achieve these this 2016. I started with a cup of tea without adding any additives and sugar, and maybe I will start a home workout.

    1. Kyla! I'm so glad you're enjoying these tips - I also started with green tea! 👯


  2. Thanks for these tips, hopefully I can achieve these this 2016.I started a cup of tea without sugar and eat fruits.


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