Beauty Review - Little Black Liner by Estee Lauder

1:54:00 PM

It is no secret that Estee Lauder is an astonishing beauty brand.

And it is no secret that it's one of my go-to solution when I'm in need of a change.
I honestly got sick of my Lancome liner.
No matter how much I appreciated the brush softness of Lancome and the practicability of its usage, I had to kiss it goodbye because the tube was empty a month after I purchased it.

Let me try this one.
I bought this two days ago from Abc Achrafieh - where all expensive brands meet. 
Speaking of expensive, why is make-up in Lebanon that over-priced?

Honestly, whenever I read blogs or watch Youtube videos about some make-up product, they always pay around 10 to 20 $ for their items. 
This Estee Lauder eye-liner cost me 50$.
OVER-PRICED, I know. However it's been treating me right for the past two days!

This review is short-term based.
But there is something you should know. 
I have received several compliments on my eyeliner game ever since using it. 
And as you may know, compliments on eyeliner are rare because people usually struggle with that make-up product.

The eyeliner is super easy to use and dries instantly (which is a pro and a con).
The eyeliner offers two brushes of different sizes - each suiting one corner of your eye.
The eyeliner is a shiny black.
The eyeliner is soft and the brushes are smooth.

I would grade it as a 4 Stars Product. 
However it's a temporary grade, I don't really know if I'll be saying that a month from now.

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