The Only 2015 Bloopers I Have & A Comment Request

3:00:00 PM

Teacuppers I'm bringing you behind the scenes of my AMAZING photoshoots!

And into my BLOOPERS.

Those are just the funny pictures I don't post on ootds. 
I would rather have them all in one post for your own entertainment.

Do you ever pose for a classy picture and end up looking like a drunken mess?
Adele's 'Hello' was too stuck in my head.
My face could be a reaction picture.
Caption this.
I was doing the 'Thriller' moves. 
'Mom please don't make me milk the cow'

That's everything I got because I delete the rest usually. But I'm going to stop doing that and resume to showing you the good times I have taking pictures. 
Would you enjoy monthly bloopers? 

Please comment below!

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