Why Lebanese Fashion Designers Are Disappointing

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Georges Hobeika SS16

If you try to address a fashionista that is not in Paris right now, prepare yourself for some damages. We're all on our nerves, trying to get any kind of previews of the masterpieces shown in Couture Week taking place in Paris - also called PFW (which is short for Paris Fashion Week, for those who don't know).

Let's get one thing straight - those who feature their collections in PFW have made it in life. 
That's one of the main goals to any upcoming designer. Can you imagine? Having your collection featured in the same event Chanel's new collection is being featured at. Amazing! Right?
Hold your horses.
Chanel is a French brand. It's only logical for Chanel to show the collections in Paris. 
Dior? As well. 
But can you tell me what's one thing uniting Georges Hobeika, Rami Kadi, Tony Ward, Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad, Dany Atrache...? 

I'm not classifying them, I'm not telling you who my favorite and my least favorite is. I'm just pointing out to the fact that they're all LEBANESE.
And oh, what's another thing they have in common? They feature their collections in Paris. 
I honestly asked myself WHY way too many times. 

I have to ask them though  - Dear Lebanese designer, why don't you show your designs in Lebanon? Isn't Beirut supposed to be the capital of Fashion of the Middle East? 

Honestly, that field can't be developed by anyone else in Lebanon. 

Fashion is not supposed to be taken care of by any ministry or any depute or whatever. I don't even understand the organization of the nonexistent government in this country nor do I want to. 

I just think that it's irrational for Lebanese designers to go to Paris when there are that many of them and when they have the power to be as influential in Lebanon (because here's a fun fact - all Lebanese style icons fly to Paris as well). 

So to summarize what I've been explaining, and make sure to pay attention - Lebanese fashion designers & Lebanese style icons all fly to Paris so that Lebanese fashion designers can show Lebanese style icons their designs so that Lebanese style icons can show them to Lebanese followers.

But what's the most important part in all of this? Paris.
Because if it wasn't Paris, it wouldn't work. Please note the sarcasm in this. 

Don't get me wrong, Paris Fashion Week is an event I would die to go to - honestly. But what I would love to see there would be purely French brands. 
And Beirut Fashion Week would be an event I would double die to attend, because my all-time favorite designer is still hidden between the ones I cited. 

Still wondering who will make a change...

Rami Kadi

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