New Month, New Allowance

9:34:00 AM

It's a new month. And with every new month comes a new salary! Am I right?
Today, I'm getting my hands dirty by the sins I make with my money. 
I don't know if you're anything like me, but I'm BAD with money. 
And when I say bad, I mean 'rich spoiled kid' bad. 

It takes me about 2 weeks to be done with my monthly allowance, which pushes me to stay at home for the two remaining weeks of the month.
You can hope I'm exaggerating but once the calendar hits 15, all I do is cruise. 
Here's the deal - I don't pay for gas. I'm still daddy's girl for a reason. 

Basically my allowance is MORE than enough if I think about it. 

Do I make money? No. 
Do I waste money? Yes. 
Anyone else in that situation?

This post is basically a pre-post to what's coming at the end of the month...
By the end of April, I'm going to be super honest with you and give you a detailed list of what I spent my money on. 
Don't worry it won't be too long, I don't earn that much anyways. ;)

I hope it will teach some of you (including myself) a little thing or two. 
In the meantime, happy April to all of you! 
I hope this blogging month will be better from my side than it has been lately.

- Tee

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