The Rise Of Venus by Aboud Jammal

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Do you ever feel like destiny is on to you? Like it's pushing you straight to someone over and over again? I swear I'm not trying to spread my love story around. That's not happening.

However, let me tell you about this story featuring a designer and a blogger with the producer being - fate. 

Once upon a time, a blogger was looking for clothes. (Obviously, don't we always?) By chance, the blogger found a random temporary exhibition in the mall she was shopping at, and fell in love with a unique design - a skirt. The exhibition wasn't clearly stating the designer behind the masterpiece, but with the stalking skills the blogger is proud of having, she figured it out. From this to that, and a while later in the story, the blogger was proud to collaborate with the designer. And dreams do come true when the blogger wears the skirt of her dreams! 

Yes, bringing you a collaboration with the one and only - Aboud Jammal. 
Aboud Jammal is a newly graduated student from ESMOD. He's a talented designer that won last year's Beirut Young Fashion Designers Competition part of La Mode A Beyrouth. He introduced his very own collection yesterday (22/04/2016) and is basically what I call my soul-mate designer. 

I sat down with Jammal before the reveal of his collection and this is how it went. 

Tell me about your collection. 
It's called 'The Rise Of Venus'. I chose Venus because she's the goddess of beauty, femininity, sexuality and is the archetype of the woman. I combined her qualities to modern architecture, modern structures and geometrical cuts, with the purpose of turning Venus into a modern woman. 

How would you define the style of your collection?
Elegant and edgy. It's also very modern which is why you might think it's futuristic but the collection does relate back to details. It's a contrast between old and new, soft and strong...

How do you see the woman wearing this collection?
I would see her as a very powerful woman, but still a feminine figure. It's really a mix of being elegant, sexy, rough and independent. 

Why did you choose these colors? 
The collection revolves around pastels. It goes from white, to nude, to pastel blue, to pastel pink. Both pastels are colors of the year, because I wanted to keep it modern. It's also contrasting to see these soft colors with the edgy designs.  

How did you pick Venus?
I wanted a common root between all women. They all have a Venus inside of them. However, the 'rise' happens in our modern world, between all modern women. 

Tell me about the dresses.
The wedding dress is a huge royal wedding dress, it's a 4 meter-long skirt. 
All my dresses have a lot of mix of fabric, I even inserted nude leather into my collection. 

What do you guys think of his collection? Isn't it just PERFECT? I am honestly speechless.

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