Urban Decay Is Now In ABC Achrafieh - Lebanon

4:00:00 PM

Humans! Guess what? 
One of the funnest cosmetics brand is now available in Lebanon. Last week, I attended the opening of the one and only Urban Decay. 

For those of you who don't know it yet, Urban Decay is a very daring cosmetics brand. It's very colorful and is mostly famous for the NAKED palettes it offers. 

After a long wait, Urban Decay has won its spot in the ABC Achrafieh Department Store where all cosmetics' brands meet. You can't miss the now purple center of the level. 

Also, I dared to get myself a very colorful makeup done - much to my dismay. (I'm more into neutrals and red lipstick) But with a little bit of cheating on the 'Color Wheel', I was able to choose a rather soft and calm color that happened to match my outfit later that day - and... SUCCESS!

The makeup turned out great! What I loved most about it was the foundation honestly. I'm going to go back there and get myself a tube of that, because it was just so natural smooth. 
And, my colorful eyes! ;)

Now, I did receive some samples that I am testing currently. I will review them very soon, either here or on my Youtube channel, so stay tuned!
Bye, bye!

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