Boxers In Bed

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I am finally collaborating with a menswear brand and I hope I get to do it over and over again. Menswear in a women's closet is major. It's original, simple, natural and yet challenging. 

There's something about women wearing menswear that is so pure and raw. Maybe it's that image of a woman wearing a man's shirt after sex in all movies (and maybe in reality, I honestly don't know ;) ) But you've got to admit that wearing the basic menswear items elevates your style in a VERY different way than all bling-blings women usually wear. 

Fear no more, incorporating menswear into your style does not turn you into a man nor does it make you loose your femininity. On the contrary, a woman wearing menswear adds up a subtle touch to her outfit. Of course, it's very relative to the exact item she is using.

And the brand is... JAUNE

You may know it as 'Rectangle Jaune' if you're still not updated with its newer version. But the newer version is AMAZING! So with the rebranding of 'Rectangle Jaune' into Jaune, comes so many changes

What the brand did is update the array of choices to more fun and young ones without letting go of the classics. And if you think a woman can't shop in there, you are more than wrong my friend. 

On the contrary, a menswear store such as JAUNE is a must for women. To us, it will be like a maze of options, because every piece is so unique! 
Also, the fitting of the clothes takes such a different shape on each woman that it's definitely interesting to see how each of us wears it. 

The challenge is in styling it.

I'm wearing boxers as shorts. A man can't do that now, can he? 
This boxer is amazing to be honest. It's the fit that suits me the most. 
In fact, I have very skinny legs but a very problematic area around the ass. And for those of you who are like me, I would definitely advise you to run to Jaune's underwear section and buy all that shelf worth of shorts because you'd be combining fun, comfort and figure-slimming all at once. 

Oh and since we're fun facting today ;) I have an undying love for socks. I love socks! Socks are meant to be fun. I don't like serious socks. (Aka black, grey and white)
(You can say this is my secret to confidence) #SupermanSocks

But it's not all! Menswear is about to take a major turn on Fashion Tea Cup. Stay tuned for more

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