Menswear Is Dead

1:42:00 PM

You're all familiar with the saying 'Chivalry is dead', that was probably first said by an overly emotional teenager that listens to Taylor Swift way too much. I'm not criticizing, Taylor Swift is MY JAM.

Fashion wise, I believe 'Menswear is dead'. Simply because women are taking over menswear. And when menswear is worn by women, the name loses all meaning. 
Let's call it all UNISEX!

Since women are taking over everything lately, they're ripping men from all rights, and all clothes! This is a woman's world. 

Who run the world? GIRLS GIRLS

With equality on the rise when it comes to rights, work, duties... fashion is also becoming the place for equal treatment. And this is how, my dear readers, it's a 'tie' between both sexes. Get it, get it? ;)

A tie can serve as an accessory to your outfit. It offers more of a cut structure than a scarf. It can push the seriousness of your clothes since it's always been associated to suits.
It is so easy to style. 
I can advise you to throw it over a boring shirt. Try to go for very patterned ties, very colorful ties, as they can be the exclamation point of your outfit. 
I personally chose yellow for two reasons : 
- It is a challenge for me to wear yellow. 
- It's a Jaune tie, get it? 

Okay I'm way too lame today... Goodbye

Tie - JAUNE / Top - Zara / Pants - Vero Moda

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  1. where are your shoes from?

    1. That's a great question... Sorry it took so long for me to answer!
      They're from a heavenly place called my sister's closet 😂
      But basically they're from Abc Achrafieh's Department Store!


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