Out Of My Comfort Zone - with Pink Aubergine

10:01:00 AM

Hello humanity!
I've been craving summer ever since it ended. I'm a summer person. Winter is just NOT my season.

And to celebrate the return of my beloved season (which actually didn't come back yet, but in my mind it did), I decided to get OUT of my comfort zone and wear actual colors! Who am I, right?

Fun fact about me, black is my happy color. Yep, I'm that kind of people. 
But, I'm trying to change this about myself as my outfits are becoming very monochrome and sometimes even boring - such a shame for someone claiming to be a fashion blogger. 

But I really like to think I am. This is why, I challenged myself to wear a playful outfit that I entirely picked from Pink Aubergine
If you don't know it yet, Pink Aubergine is an amazing concept store located in Achrafieh. It's VERY unique. It only handles original and stylish pieces.

Also! I'm so in love with Soludos right now. They're also available at PinkAubergine and ComoStore, whichever suits you the most! 
They're definitely my summer shoes! *wink* *wink*

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