Paparazzi Shirt

11:15:00 AM

Shirts have to be my favorite menswear item. They're so easy to style and wear. They're so comfortable. And! They're so flattering (to me).

I don't know about you, but they make my legs look much skinnier than they are. They make my thighs not look as huge. They are loose on the upper body and that's just comfort 101.Here's one way I styled this JAUNE shirt which is perfect for this bipolar weather of ours!
The most casual, way to do so is to keep to basics. With blue prints on this shirt, I chose the one piece that survives all seasons : jeans. But don't forget the pop of color! 

You can add so many good accessories such as a necklace around the neck, a scarf, a belt... It's a must-have element. 

For more ways to style a man's shirt, check these previous posts : 

Tried faking a paparazzi moment. I think I succeeded. I like it. 

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