Saved By The Belt

10:33:00 AM

I'm on fire with word plays lately.

If you think my body is as fit as it looks like in these pictures, then you, my friend, are totally wrong. 
Let's face it, my Photoshop skills are close to nonexistent, and my bank account doesn't allow me to spend money on professional retouching services. 

What I did do, nevertheless, is perform the art of 'cropping' and 'posing' to come up with a combo that gives you the illusion of me having a very skinny hip (I can't stop laughing at that because it's really not) 

The purpose of me totally 'trashing down' my body shape is for you to understand that you shouldn't trust everything you see online. Don't get me wrong, I love my body shape. I was a pear but after hitting the gym and eating more healthy, it did change a lot. And I'm always content with what my body is, because it's always improving (health wise). 

Those pictures aren't meant for you to see good curves, or skinny legs. This is why, the whole focus is on the actual clothes. 
In today's society, everyone is used to seeing outfits worn by models. And it's now easier for the eye to perceive the outfits when the body is not different from the norm. (I do not agree with skinny being 'the norm' but you get my point)

Anyways, I couldn't just ignore the fact that the pictures turned out great and my body turned out to be very worthy of these shorts. I'm positively surprised. That's just something I had to share. 

For all the ladies that have the same body shape as mine (small waist, large hips), here's a cute little tip - BELTS. 

Belts will save your life, I promise. What belts do is separate your upper body from your lower body. That's a great deal when you know that they are, in fact, very different from each other and each need a special treatment. 

Next you need to choose -
1. Loose upper / Tight Lower
2. Tight upper / Loose Lower

And the rest is very easy, you'll need to play on color tones, materials, you know... the usual styling chaos. 

And one last thing, before you disappear, here's a little tip for large-waisted humans, like myself - loose long shirts are your bestfriends. 
And I'll show you that in my next post, until then, stay tuned! 

Belt - JAUNE / Shorts - Pull & Bear / Shirt - Diesel 

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