What May Does To Me

6:42:00 PM

Hello humanity. 
If you're following me on Instagram (which you should), you'd know that May is my favorite month of the year! Don't try and wonder why, it simply happens to be the month I was born in.

And what it does to me is that it turns me into a happy kid, even more than I usually am. 
I love May. I feel like it's all flowers and life. Or is that just spring?
Anyways, it just always happens to be a life-turning event for me. May is always good to me. I actually hate this expression. A month can't be 'good to you'. I guess what it does is put me into a confident good mood that allows me to take action. 

To you, it could be a person, a goal, a day, a feeling, (or perhaps a month, like me). But your trigger could be just around the corner. Find the trigger in you, find a motivation, something that instinctively puts you in the mood to conquer the world. 
It could be a song, an activity, a place. Go, find that trigger & start working your ass off. 

Your goals will only be achieved if you believe in them and work for them. 

Outfit - Pink Aubergine / Watch - Lacoste / Shoes - Superga / Bag - Zara

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  1. Wow! Looking great and love the outfit!!

    1. Thank youuu! It's effortless, don't you think?

  2. Elegant and sexy, as usual :)


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