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This one's for all teenagers in Lebanon. Ready to get your hands on the latest style trends? Introducing B.A.D. (Bold And Determined, Blunt And Daring, Brave And Demanding...), the concept store that is all about a young and fresh audience. 

Also, hipsters gather round, cause this is also for you. You're looking for easy-to-wear, summerish, casual and fun outfits? B.A.D. is where you want to head to. 
Here's a glimpse of what B.A.D. has to offer! 

Denim has no age. Denim has no season. It's probably everyone's favorite. And oh look, #GirlPower starts at a young age!

Wear your heartbreak proudly. Love is not something to be ashamed of. It's the best feeling and it's something you have to know from day one - love, love and love some more. 

Now, you might not know this about me, but I am AGAINST flip flops. They make uncomfortable sounds and piss me off. But they're still more acceptable than crocs. Don't even get me started on crocs. Anyways! If you INSIST on owning flip flops because that's the only thing you think you can wear to the beach (and yes it's the only place you want to wear flipflops), the best brand you can think of is Havaianas. (which is available at B.A.D.)

Now on to more positive things, such as on of my favorite things ever - DONUTS. I believe I will never get tired of donuts jokes. If you're addicted to emojis, you can definitely find a little paradise in this shop. 

And since I wasn't clear, I discovered this shop while it was celebrating it's 1 year Anniversary. So yes, cocktails, and treats were just as colorful as the spirit of the concept store.

It also sends such a unique message to the youngsters. 

And last but definitely not least. My outfit. 

Pants, Top, Choker - Pink Aubergine / Bag - Pop 3arabeh / Sandals - Steve Madden 
For more info, feel free to comment below ! ;)

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