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Hey everyone!
Man have I missed blogging regularly. It used to be such an anti-stress to me. But lately everything's been a rush.
With the load of work piling up and the flow of ideas never stopping, it's been too hard to get organised. Specially for a very messy person such as myself. 
But enough with lurking around. It's time to get back to being the busy bee I'm so used to being.
And today I'm sharing with you this new find - Lumalu Lipsticks.

Lumalu lipsticks are created out of natural ingredients. They're moisturizing and leave a watercolor-y effect on the lips. You can read more info on the website linked above.

I tested 3 different shades. 
The Lumalu #12 - Wine not, which is a gorgeous dark shade. It's very soft on the lips. 
The Lumalu #10 - Kiss me, which is a pure red. It's a very strong color. 
The Lumalu #7 - Forget me not, which is a bold pink. It might come as a surprise considering I usually stick to colors going from red to darker, and that pink is always a no-no to me. But hey, I thought I'd try it and you'll get to be the judge of whether it fits me or not.

Wine not!
Pros - Long lasting & Very Dark.
Cons - Too Moisturizing (Notice the inside part of my lips)

Kiss me
Pros - Very Red, long-lasting, shiny.
Cons - XX

Forget me not
Pros - Great Color, bold, bright
Cons - Definitely not my best color, what do you think?

I really need your opinion about me in pink lipstick. So please comment below!! 
I'll be back soon guys! 

- Tee 

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  1. I loved the pink lipstick on you

    1. Really? I'm surprised of the result as well by the way!
      Thank youuu!


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