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Hey Teacuppers! 

Man haven't I missed my blog and my social life. Let me update you on my past few weeks.

July has always been hectic for me, but this year, hectic went into a whole new level.
A couple of weeks ago, on the 10th to be more precise, I got into a car accident.
 Seeing the car might frighten the shit out of you. It was first thought to be beyond repair. However, unluckily for me, it's now in the garage for a couple of weeks. (Unluckily because I just don't like the car... it's blue, a sparkly blue... as if a Smurf threw up on it)

But enough about the car... I'm going to admit I'm not the SAFEST driver in the world. Basically, I like speeding. 
It's fun, it's daring and it's an adrenaline rush. 
However, this accident was totally NOT my fault.

Luckily, all I got from it was a broken hand and some bruises due to the safety belt.
What exactly broke my hand? I'll never be sure. But there are so many things I learned due to this whole experience.

1. You can never be too safe. 
Oh, you're a good driver? That's cool. But how do you know this guy driving next to you is a good driver? 
There's this thing, us Lebanese people say. 'If you know how to drive in Lebanon, you know how to drive anywhere.' 
And that's true, but it's turned into a joking matter, when it really shouldn't. 
The other thing we say is 'You're not only driving for you, but you're also driving for everyone else.' Which is a weird way of putting it, but is true AF. 
A second of inattention can cost you your life, so be careful.

2. You must stay strong.
If you think for one second that I'm terrified to drive again, think again. As soon as my hand will allow it, I'll be back on the streets driving just like before because hey, accidents happen (not just car accidents) and you've been lying to yourself if you think it can't happen to you. Because I'm sorry to break it to you but in these cases, no matter how blessed you are, a split of a second can ruin a lot more than your precious manicure. But you need to get up, take it lightly, and get moving. 

3. You gotta be thankful
I don't know if it's God you believe in, or Buddha or whatever. But don't blame it on ANYONE. Be thankful. Honestly, first three days, every time someone visited me and said Thank God it's only your hand (Katter Kheir Allah mech aktar men hek), I wanted to either punch them or strangle them or basically say something my mom wouldn't be proud of. 
I wanted to throw all the anger and stress out on the world. But then, I realized, that it could've been so much worse and that it's a lesson, just like everything in life.

I also learned a very funny lesson, as to how people will react in such cases. And it's all coming in a video very soon. 

Anyways, sorry to turn Fashion Tea Cup into such a serious place, but I really had to share this. Because I might not be the most qualified person to say this, hell, it was just my hand, but, I do want to share with you this little piece of advice, hoping it might help even one of you.

Much love, stay safe, but also go wild.

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  1. Welcome back, Thea, and thank goodness you're okay. Happy to see you're back on the high horse and that you're still as audacious and lively as ever xxx


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