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9:16:00 PM

Hey babes! Here's a cute little story I wanted to share with you, which also happens to be a bit of a shopping secret. 

As a blogger, I'm supposed to be updated on everything and always catching the trend right when it starts. And as a fashion blogger, I should always be on point in the fashion game, and to so many, fashion means shopping. So I 'should' love and enjoy shopping, shouldn't I? I mean, isn't that a typical girl thing? 
Well, I don't. Believe it or not, shopping is a burden to me. Don't get me wrong, I love new stuff and specially new clothes. However, the truth is, I'd rather they just appear into my closet without having to go through hours of scrutinizing every store in every mall.

And since online shopping isn't the best thing when it comes to Lebanon, this is all I have.
But, my beloved mother, made me love it in the most unusual way ever. No matter how traditional she is, my mother got this crazy idea last time we went shopping. 
'Let's go see if they have anything cute in the kids area'


That was my first reaction. Now, I doubt this applies to many women. I'm sure it only applies when you're a petite or when you're skinny. I did end up buying two items from ZARA kids in sizes 13-14, if I recall correctly. 
Now how does this ZARA kids dress look to you?

Also, I'm sorry I did not edit any of the pictures, and that there aren't many, but I've been encountering some major technical problems with my laptops, but I'll fix these little things later on!


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