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The Milestone* : Meeting & Getting To Know Each Other
You must consider this journey a relationship. Don't doubt the power of being on good terms with yourself. Not trying to be dramatic here, but so many will come and go but you're sticking around with yourself ALL THE DAMN TIME.

And it's once you realize this omnipresence, that you can start working on it, working on improving it and working on turning it into your biggest strength. Today I reveal to you 5 steps you can take to know yourself better.

Grab a pen and a paper, and let's start. Yep, we're going old-school for this one.

A lot of improvements will happen once you learn the great benefits of #Brainstorming. 
It's okay if you don't fill in all the answers. Trust me, eventually, you will.

Step #1 - List down : 

- 10 things that make you smile
- 5 things you've been dying to do
- 1 thing you do everyday (for yourself)

For example for me, something I do for myself is makeup. 
Haters gonna hate, but I don't do my make-up for social reasons, I do it because I love having fun with it, being creative through it. I like glowing and I like pretty colors (yes, I'm a kid).
I do it for me. What do you do for you? 

Step #2 - Your Happy Place :

Don't close your tab just yet, happy places are a REAL thing. A happy place is where your mind is at ease and you feel content even though you have an infinite amount of bullsh*t on your mind. 

You need to find your happy place. I'll give you some tips to do that, but truth is, only you can know (don't trust web quizzes). Think of a place that you enjoy the sound of, the scenery of... A place to which you get excited to go, a place where your mind drifts off.

Step #3 - Work Out : 

*Inserts evil laugh here* You've probably read this one in EVERY. SINGLE. ARTICLE. EVER.
But truth is, I'm looking at a totally different perk of working out. I won't lecture you about healthy living and eating healthy because that's definitely NOT who I am. I'm the furthest from healthy you can ever find. But I do find time to work out because the benefits are endless. You don't have to go through extreme length of intensive work-outs but every little minute counts. 

The benefit I want you to experience is the positive energy. Positive energy leads to acceptance and pride. Yup, you're a step closer to loving yourself!

Step #4 - Heart to Heart :

Get real with someone (or with yourself #brainstorm) about what your ultimate future goal is. 
Ask yourself these questions : Where would you be in 10 years? Who would you be with in 10 years? What would you wear in 10 years? 
The more details, the better. 

Step #5 - Write Down Your Answers :

Would you rather be: with a group of people OR with one person?
Would you rather stay: inside OR outside?
A perfect getaway for you would be: the beach OR the village?
Would you rather listen to: music OR silence?

Salad OR Sandwich?
Pizza OR Burger?
Soft Drink Or Water?
Alcohol OR Non-Alcoholic?
Jeans OR Shorts?
Hot OR Cold?
Favorite Season?

Remember to be honest with yourself. No one is looking over your shoulder. You're the only one in front of these questions and you're only fooling yourself if you try to pretend you're someone else.

On a very less serious note, check out Farah's post on how to meet and know people.

* Milestones represent the major stops of every relationship (events couples everywhere go through)


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