How To Turn Sportswear Chic - How To Style A Sports Bra

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If you've been following my irregular, content-lacking posts for a while, you'd realize that sportswear is something I'm very fond of. 

And if it isn't the bold colors and the pretty designs, it's the comfort that comes with sportswear. How many times do you feel like ditching the tight skirts, the skinny jeans and the high heels? How many times do you feel like replacing them with huge sweat-pants and loosened sneakers?

It IS ironic, considering skinny jeans and high heels aren't such a burden to me. Honestly, I'm used to having them around to throw on at all times. It's the tops that bother the hell out of me, or rather... the bras.

I mean, I could go on and on about the unfairness of women 'HAVING' to wear a bra at all times. I really don't understand it, nor do I abide by that rule. I barely even own any bras at all (which are also pretty expensive, am I right? #unfair). My theory about bras is pretty long and solid, I'll probably add it to some blog post later on, if you're interested. 

But today, I'm here to tell you about the beauty of sports bras. Ah... The sound of comfort and simplicity. Saying 'sports bra' is probably #1 on the list of how to get my attention. Yes, I'm obsessed. 

In a previous post on Fashion Tea Cup, I discussed turning sportswear chic through sports leggings. It was amazing, check it out! 
Now, I'm talking REAL OBSESSION. *Drum roll* 
Turning your sports bra into a crop top. Ouh! The deadly subject of crop tops. But what if I have a belly? What if I'm not skinny enough? Well, sports bra are the better crop tops

- They're a bra and a top at once
- They have everything under control
- They're slimming 
- They're daring
- They're fun

And for learning more about how to rock a crop top, you can check out my old blog post about the right way to wear one - here

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  1. I've always been a fan of sportswear, loved this post!

    L, xo.

    Le Journal de Leen

    1. Thank you beautiful! I'm glad you did ❤️


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