Ideas For Your One-On-One Time With Yourself - #RomanticThursdays

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Milestone: The First Date
There are loads of times in your life where you'll find yourself alone. And there are loads of times where you haven't been truly on your own in a while and you'll find yourself wanting to be.

And if you don't take time for yourself, it might cause a lot of trouble for you. Because 1) you are always bullied with opinions of others 2) you are limited to who you are with a certain group 3) you are not being your true self.

And if you don't know how to be alone, here are some activities that will let you change that.

1. Listening to music 

2. Visiting your happy place

You know this story I already told about a happy place. Well here's how you use it.

3. Home spa

4. Coffee

Just go sit in a little cafe, have some thoughts, look at people. Get inspired! 

5. Watching a movie

6. Taking pictures

7. Going on long rides

8. Going on long walks

Basically anything you can think of doing with anyone. Go do alone! ;)


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