Introducing #RomanticThursdays - A Relationship Series In Collaboration With Blonde Dusk

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Hey humans!

If you know anything about me it's that I'm a single lady. Nopes, this is not the part where I describe sexual offers and add a cute picture of me with my boobs bigger than my head. 

As a 34B kind of person, that is hardly ever going to happen. 
Truth is, this right here, right NOW is where I introduce an exciting new collaboration I've been working on for a while with my bestie blogger - Blonde Dusk

We realized, a long time ago, that Farah is a pro when it comes to relationships just as much as I'm a pro at ruining them and being alone. But truth is, being alone has been taking such a negative connotation lately, that we, as women, are always on the lookout for a chance to be with someone. 

Well let me tell you how wrong we all are. Yes, I'm as guilty as you. If you think I'm all fierce and confident, you're wrong. Well I am, but I still occasionally turn into a cliche girl that binge watches chick-flicks and cries over a box of ice-cream. 

But hey, as a feminist, a believer of women empowerment and maybe too much of a self-centered person, I challenged myself to advertise the single life
I'm trying to prove to me and now, to you, that being 'alone' is not a bad thing. It has its pros and cons but I'll be teaching you how to enjoy it, every step of the way.

Being the relationship pro she is, Farah's going to be covering milestones of heterosexual relationships (a girl's point of view, mainly) and I will be covering milestones of lesbian relationships (a girl's point of view, mainly)... WAIT WHAT?

For a minute there you might have thought I'm a lesbian, but I'm not. I'm bi. No, I'm also not. But that's not what we're discussing. The only reason I brought up Lesbian is because I'll be discussing relationships with yourself and I happen to be a girl... which is basically me saying Girl + Girl...
You get the point. 

So all you single ladies gather around, this post series is all about loving yourself, finding yourself and realizing you don't need no man, nor woman, nor whatever it is you feel attracted to (not judging). 

And here's a little appetizer for the ride, an 'amuse-gueule' before the actual show. 
Here are 4 signs you're definitely in the right place on the web, but in the wrong place in your life. #deep

1. You feel as though you're not in control of your life. Take it this way, if your life was a business, are you the one serving coffee or are you the one served coffee?

2. Your mind drifts off to ideas you've had since forever. Take it this way, if you were to die tomorrow, did you live your life to the fullest? 

  3. You're not sure of your entourage most of the time. Whether you're with your family or your friends, you think to yourself 'what am I doing here' quite a lot. 

4. You are always on the look-out for cuties anywhere you go, you binge watch romantic moments in movies and TV shows when you're alone, you keep thinking of great dates you could go on, movies you could watch with him... 

So are you with me on this ride?
Join me every Thursday for #RomanticThursdays and a new post! 


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