My First Online Shopping Experience in Lebanon

8:09:00 PM

Did it work? Did it work? Did it work?

That's probably exactly what you're wondering. 
Well, I will let YOU be the judge of whether it was a successful shopping or not.
What do you think of this little dress?

It's real, it's easy to wear. Heck, affordable is an understatement. 
We all know Lebanon tends to have overpriced items of EVERYTHING. 
And here's how you can overturn the expensiveness with a trusted online store: DressFo

Good news : It ships worldwide! 
All my international readers, you may now fall in love with me because I'm directing you to this gorgeous website where trends are always on point. 

It barely took 10 days to ship and I'm still obsessing over that fact. 
Also, the procedures were quite easy. 

Also, meet Ghost. The little guy that is ALWAYS crashing all of my pictures! 

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  1. cute dress. but what did you think of the experience? would you do it again? how easy was it and did it take very long?


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