DressFo Still Slaying

12:30:00 PM

Let me tell you one thing, I had a couple of drinks before writing this. Yup. 
So, before judging, I'm very sorry about any grammatical mistake, and or, irrational ones.

And since my drink count is on point, my honesty is amongst us. 
Let me tell you about DressFo (about whom I wrote a post already). If you didn't read it yet, please do. 

Anyways, I love love love the concept of FINALLY having a trustworthy brand for online shopping. The shipping barely took 2 weeks, tops. The quality is as good as the website shows it to be. 

The whole process was smooth and simple. And the reason I'm re-writing about this brand is because this dress is too pretty for it not to be praised the way it should. 
So if you think for one minute that I'm paid to say this, believe me, you're WRONG. I'm pretty much broke right now... *Donations are welcomed* Hah.

Both ways, whether I'm paid to say this or not, is up to you to judge. (#NOT) But what do you really think of this marvellous piece of art? 

SHOES - Massimo Dutti

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