Never Let Go

11:00:00 AM

What about one of the most famous advice you can get - Let it go?
Well, here's one thing you should never, ever think of giving up on: The child in you.
We're all adults here, or aren't we?

But there's one thing, most people tend to do to feel adult-y, and it is taking themselves too seriously. I mean there's a difference between being confident and being too full of yourself, and I'm both. Not in such a bad way though, because I do know how to take a step back and laugh at my own self, criticise my own self, and basically be very honest with my self.

And these are the true characteristics of a child. A child is honest, a child speaks his mind, a child laughs a lot. And that's a quality most of adults lack. The beauty of being silly, being carefree. 

I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the society, maybe the expectations, the norms, the rules or the image of this boring reality that everyone has in their minds, but something, somehow, triggers people to act serious about themselves.

Take life less seriously, take yourself less seriously and never let go of the child in you.


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