Be My Rock, I'll Be Your Muse - FTC x Megspotchecks x Pink Aubergine

2:30:00 PM

Check out my newest collaboration with this mysterious, gorgeous lady. 
This is the story of when the curly-haired beauty meets the straight-haired beast. (a.k.a. moi!)

Megmeg, this one's for you.
Here's the deal. In the fashion industry, you'll meet amazing people. The thing about them is that they're all very different. As bloggers, we are often asked the same questions and the answers are always different. 
Each one plays her own game when it comes to styling an outfit. And here's how two Lebanese goddesses (note the modesty) styled their outfits relatively to their own styles.

In this case, I chose to style my jacket in a formal way. To me, black and gold are just the purest form of chic you can get. The pair of bright pants definitely was a kick-start for the rest of my outfits. 
As a not very colourful person when it comes to clothes, I had to add a lot of black just to balance out the colours. 

For a different way of styling, check out Megan's post on her blog.
She owned bare legs in the most effortless way! 
I love what she wore for a casual day out. 

Full outfit from Pink Aubergine 

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