Simplicity Makes Beauty || In Collaboration with Washed & Found

9:01:00 PM

I've been trying to focus everyone's attention on the word 'beauty' lately.
I don't mean 'beauty' as the beauty industry (make-up, hair...), I mean it as the beauty of life, the beauty of things, the beauty of the moment.
I chose not to wear any make-up in this shoot as a message.

The message that has been going on, through Fashion Tea Cup, for quite some time. 
Simplicity makes beauty. 
Simplicity of living.
By simplicity of living, I mean, living just the way you are. Accepting yourself, and not changing anything for anyone. Working on yourself, your mind and your thoughts, in the most natural of ways.
Here, I am wearing no make-up. I am wearing the most simple dress and I am enjoying every minute of it. These are not 'camera smiles' or 'fake laughs'. I was really enjoying every little moment, and it's how I learned to enjoy every little detail of myself. 
I advise you to do the same.
I invite you to get rid of everything negative in your life and cherish what's happy, what's pure and what's genuine. 
Full Outfit - Washed And Found 
...down to every little detail... 

Love you!
- Tee 

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