7 Resolutions For 2017

11:55:00 AM

2016 comes to an end tonight. So sad. 
Did I achieve everything I wanted to this year? Well, not everything, but a good part of what was on my mind. I'm proud. 
I'm revealing my plans for 2017 with you guys. 

1. Go back to my ideal weight. 
Let's talk numbers. My ideal weight is 52kilos. I gained 8 kilos because... well... burgers. After that, I lost 2kilos, super easily. And I'm currently working on losing the 6 that are remaining. 
Ideally, I will be done with this resolution mid-February or by the end of it. 
It's not something I will start on the New Year, it's a process I already started, and that I will be continuing through 2017. Also, work

2. Get busier.
Some people will kill me for that one, and by some people I mean my parents who barely ever see me. But oh well. The amount of ideas I have is a constant flood. Therefore, I rush to do everything so that I can do more. And I wish 2017 will allow me to keep that flow going. I hate losing time and sitting around doing nothing. Don't get me wrong, I do it. But I hate that, and that's something I'm working on changing. 

3. Keep The Negativity Out. 
My circle consists of a lot of people that are very purely negative. I do wish I can let these people leave my life without hurting them or myself. Also, I will focus on good feelings... as I always do. I always put myself first, and I am going to keep doing that. I tested it and it works. 

4. Travel.
I didn't travel all through 2016, and for a wanderlust as strong as mine, it did put me down. I want to discover more and see more. I would also love to explore Lebanon in its depth, and maybe visit places I still haven't. 
Adventures, here I come.

5. Say Yes.
In 2017, I will start saying yes more. Yes to adventures, yes to people, yes to life. Yes to making mistakes and learning from them. Yes to falling and rising again. Yes to feelings and emotions. I will let my heart lead sometimes... sometimes. This little guy never got his part in my life, so I'm letting it wake up from his long sleep. 

6. Fight For What I Want.
I've been doing that all the time actually, it's not a resolution. I'm just sticking to this side of me. As a stubborn person, I don't take no for an answer. And I will insist on that all through the year. 

7. Budget. 
That is probably the one resolution that will not work out. We all have one that won't eventually be completed. Well, I'm very bad with money and I need to watch out for that. It's not that I'm 'bad', I would say I'm generous. (Always so positive Thea, aren't ya?) But I do want to put money aside, and make sure I don't live every month like a king until the 10th and like a peasant after that. 

Now I did just give you the outline of my resolutions. But do know that each one is very detailed and planned in order to work out. My resolutions aren't just depending on this list. Believe me, there are too many Word Documents on my laptop concerning them. 

What are your resolutions for the New Year?
Happy New Year my pumpkins.

- Tee. 

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  1. aww i love this post, especially the negativity one. I hope you have a lovely new years eve. I'd love it if you'd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/blogposts/2016/12/24/an-honest-post-about-recovery xx


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