Day To Night Look - The NYE Edition

5:24:00 PM

Now that we got the beauty part off the table for NYE. Let's talk FASHION.

Here's a daytime look, that can easily be turned into a nighttime look, as you will see through the pictures.
I'm also giving you some tips and tricks to rock your NYE outfit without going overboard. 

First, let me tell you how to switch from day to night. 

First Step - From Sneakers To Heels
Sneakers for life. Of course. But you gotta do what you gotta do. 

Second Step - Switching Your Accessories
Always play with the bracelet/necklace combination. 
In this case, my choker was a bracelet. 

Third Step - From Light To Dark
I would advise you to switch to a darker shade of lipstick.
Oh shit, this is not supposed to be a beauty post.
C'est un tout.

Step Four - Lose Color, Lose Size
From big, go to small. From color, go to black.
Switching from my red backpack to my mini black handbag.

Step Five - No more layers
The simpler, the more night appropriate your outfit is.
I don't know why, but it just is. 
Which is quite illogical if you think about it. 
But do it.

Step Six - The Attitude
Yes, it's a part of your outfit. Alright? 
Your day attitude is a happy flower.
Your night one is the devil in person.

Look at my Dora the explorer moment.

Okay now that we're done with the Day To Night process. 
Here's a few tips for choosing your NYE outfit. 

Step One - Sparkle
I feel like I've said the word sparkle way too much today. 
But what's better to celebrate than sparkles?

Step 2 - Easy And Comfortable
Make sure you can dance the night away with what you're wearing.
Which is ironic considering I'm spending my NYE in bed. #loser
But anyways, you don't want to spend the first minute of 2017 fixing a strap or something.

Step Three - Fun 
Make sure your outfit is fun. Leave the white shirt in the office, it isn't the time for it. 
Make sure your outfit will inspire your new year as well.
Do you want your outfit to be boring? 
You don't need this kind of negativity in your life.
What's better than a PLAYsuit to be playful?

And of course, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my girls out there!
I'll try to write one more post for 2016. 
It was such a good year. I don't care how negative social media is. 
I know a lot of negative things happened in the world, but let's stay positive.

- Tee

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