My Heartbreak Story - #RomanticThursdays

10:09:00 AM

First things first, Merry Christmas! 
I wish you all some good times, good health. I hope you're all surrounded by your family and your loved ones. I also really wish Santa was nice to you this year. 

Since we got our greetings out of the way, let's get our hands dirty (that's what she said). 
I am going to reveal something very unusual. I'm going to tell you what happened to your beloved #RomanticThursdays. This is a very hard thing for me to do, since I'll be talking about a WEAKNESS of mine.

It's something I literally never did. I always try to inspire you guys to be strong, by showing you how strong I am. And maybe it's a good thing for you to know that I'm not invincible, I'm not a superhero. I have feelings, I have weaknesses and I have a very soft... maybe even too soft heart.

So, really. We're in this together. 

If you recall, when I first started Romantic Thursdays alongside Farah, I promised you some very good advertising for being single. And I claimed that I was a pro at being ALONE. 
And as usual, in life, things happen when you least expect them to. 

And things happened.
And it's a long story... 

But you're here, so obviously you have time for this bullshit. 
I'll keep it short though. 

Girl meets boy. Girl likes boy. Girl goes out with boy. Girl gets attached to boy. Girl and boy are happy. 
* Then, something happens. 
Girl and boy break-up. Girl is sad. Girl tries to pull herself together but girl is not really ready to advertise the single life. #Heartbreak

Awh. So sad. Right?

Well, it really is what happened. And honestly, I am super glad it did. Because now I can relate more to my #RomanticThursdays readers. 
And if you think I took all this time to cry about it, think again. 

What I've been doing by helping myself, is finding better ways to help you guys.

So worry no more, #RomanticThursdays are back starting 2017. 
Now you can all go celebrate with some shots! 


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