New Year Resolutions - DOs & DON'Ts

12:27:00 PM

So we're approaching 2017 quite fast, aren't we?

Well let's not get caught up in all the useless bullshit of 'new year, new me'. Just because a number changed, doesn't mean you, me or anyone else is going to become a brand new person. 

It's not about changing yourself. It's about improving it. 
So if you think, that the new year will transform the old lazy you into the new active you, think again. 
I'm not saying don't prepare resolutions, I'm not saying don't plan on changing anything, I'm saying be rational about it. 

Success doesn't come overnight. 
I present to you, the DOs and DON'Ts of the new year resolutions.

DO - Think of change.
Drastic change is not what you need to focus on. Let's face it, no one is perfect, and one can always improve himself in a way. 

DON'T - Make it serious.
I don't mean don't take it seriously, but find a fun side for your resolutions. The fun side will guarantee you stick to your resolutions. 

DO - Be precise. 
I want you to think of the bigger picture, but still think of a very detailed way to get there. 
So you want to be healthier? Work-out, and stay active? Alright. That's nice. But how you should transform it into a new year resolution is - I will do X work-out, X times per week, at X hour. 

DON'T - Be irrational.
It might be a habit that needs to die, or a habit that needs to be created. But stay humble to your own personality. You don't need to change your whole self. Just make sure, you work on who you want to be.

DO - Break It Down.
A year is a long time for a habit to kick-in. Unfortunately, we all think we have time to take care of resolutions. So, what you must think of, is when to do what.
Limit yourself to weeks and months. 
Let's say your new year resolution is to read more. How many books do you want to read per month? How many per week?

Time is a gift, use it wisely.

I'll hit you up with my own resolutions on the 31st. 
Until then, stay safe, but not too safe.

- Tee.

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