The Guide To Your NYE Make-Up

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It's NYE -1, you can definitely expect my posts to be headed in that direction. What can I say... Cliche is my middle name.

I'm giving you today, the guide to your NYE make-up. Which is not this one.
This just looked like a good picture. Alright, let's do this...
Some of you might wonder about how different New Year's Eve make-up is from any other day. Well believe me it is. 
New Year's Eve make-up is more FUN, more SPARKLES, more LASTING and more... EMPOWERING.

Ouh, here come the haters with the 'you don't need make-up to feel empowered'. Well, who wrote the rules? Did you? As far as I'm concerned, a good shade of lipstick can make you conquer the world.

So here are the 3 Easy Steps To Ace Your NYE Make-up.

1. double the SPARKLES

Yes, it's your time to shine. Don't overdo it. 
Pick one of those three and make sure you stick to perfecting that shine. 

Highlighter - My own favorite is the Dior Contour Stick highlighter. 
You will definitely shine bright like a diamond.

Eye-shadow - I would advise you the Rock Nude Palette by Maybelline.
It's got the right amount of shine.

Lipstick - There's a lipstick trend that is basically the most sparkly of the options. 
It's the Glitter Lips trend. Honestly, I've witnessed it being done in such a professional way by Samoa. 
You can learn more about that through this link - Samoa's Glitter Lips Video.

I think I'm gonna go with the highlight option. What about you?

2. double the LASTING

3 Steps to making it last longer 

First, use primers. 
There are primers for everything now, and I can't thank the cosmetics line enough for this. 

Second, Cream Over Powder.
I wouldn't use creamy substances on a daily basis. I would much rather use powder, it's way lighter. But honestly, powder doesn't last as long. 
Here are two of my favorite products.

1. The Samoa Second Skin Foundation. I love it. I recommend it. Really.

2. The Maybelline Master Contour Stick 

Third, use a setting spray. 

My favorite is Urban Decay's one.
It's honestly very useful. It will make your make-up last so much. 

3. double the POWER

Making your make-up more empowering is super simple. 
All you need is to pay attention to three little parts.

Your Mascara. 
Your mascara is your weapon. Your mascara will make your eyes irresistible
I would advise you the Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Full Fan Effect. 
It's lengthening, it's strong, and it shapes your lashes in the best way.

Your Eyebrows.
Good eyebrows are the key to success. The right way to fill them up, if you need that, is by a brow liner. I tried all the options and I always go back to a normal liner. 
A good one is - the Samoa Catwalk brow liner. I'm addicted to this one. 

Your Lipstick.
Your lipstick needs to be as strong as your soul. I've been saying deep things all through this post, I hope someone quotes me... maybe... not...
Guys, if you don't have a VICE lipstick, are you even enjoying life? 
VICE by Urban Decay is always a good option. 

That is, if you didn't choose the glitter lips option. 

Here you have it. 
I hope you guys ace your NYE make-up and slay it as always!


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