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Milestone - The Fights

The amount of times you fight with yourself is insane. But one thing we're all known to fall into is self-loathe due to internal fights. 

Insecurities are becoming more and more present in our society, unfortunately. And any problem has its solution. Let me tell you how I did it.

No body is perfect. Let us all agree on that. 
But loving yourself is regardless. I can go on and on with an inspirational speech and make you tear up at the end but it's not going to help you overcome your insecurities for more than the time of reading the post. 

I'm giving you today, some tips you can work on in order for you to live a happier life with your body and your mind.

#1 - Be objective 
Whatever you are struggling with, try looking at it from another perspective. Put yourself in someone else's shoes, and then judge yourself through their eyes.

#2 - Keep a Positive Mind
Think of the things you LOVE about yourself and put them to use. You're intelligent? Put that to use. You're creative? Put that to use? You got a great body? Put that to use. 
Forget that last part. 
If it's not something you can put to use, then take care of it. So, you got a great body? Make sure you're taking care of it, eating healthy, working out... 

#3 - Mind Your Own Business
It's very easy to get caught up in matters that are unimportant. It's very easy to lose sight of what is really adding value to your life. 
My advice to you is... less gossip, more guts. 
Find the way OUT of the negativity of gossiping. 

#4 - Make Your Choice
So you got larger hips than you would ideally choose to have? It's a fact. You're not exactly what you want to be. But who is capable of changing that? YOU. 
Acknowledge what is making you insecure, accept it and then deal with it by either accepting it and making the best out of it or by changing it.
The choice is yours.

Until next time...

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