4 Steps To Perfecting Your Morning Routine

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Our day is defined by how we start it. Waking up in a hurry, stumbling out of bed, throwing on a sweater and leaving the house, won't do it. 

To ensure a positive mood throughout your day, you must take into consideration that the organization of your morning will reflect the energy of your day.

And here are the few steps that get me where I have to. (That's what she said)

1. Wake Up Early, and even earlier.

Setting the alarm clock to 7 might be hard, but I'll tell you what's easier, setting it to 6:30. 
'That chick's crazy' you must think. 
Well, let me explain. 
I HAVE to wake up at 7 due to my own engagements. So if you have to wake up at 9, make it 8:30. If you have to wake up at 1, make it 12:30.  There's no waking up at 12:30. Waking up EARLY will be the secret to your success. 

That half hour I'm talking about is going to be your little bubble of joy. First, you're not rushed. For the first half hour of your day, you will be saying goodbye to your bed the right way. Have coffee in bed, take a look at your social media platforms, cuddle with your dog. You don't have a dog? Get a dog.

2. Vitamin C.

The second secret to your successful day is Vitamin C. As an orange juice addict, I might have an excess of Vitamin C intake. However it's a must to make your energy rocket. If you're not a fan of orange juice, be one. Hah. Or, have kiwi, berries, tomatoes, peas...

3. Stretch.

You're not requested to devote 30 minutes of your morning routine for stretching. Hell, I'm not even willing to move. Nor am I that bendy. (HAHA)
However, I do take 5 minutes to take my body in every morning. Just a regular touching toes, cracking your back, your neck, your fingers. 

4. Your To-Do List.

You do not want to be roaming around all day doing nothing. In fact, when you're productive you feel good. Don't think of it as 'working', think of it as 'added value' to your life. And for you to be your most productive self, what you need to do is a LIST. 
This list is NOT a one-time thing. It will be a step closer to your goals. 
It's repetitive. It's a daily thing. You can choose to do it at night, or first thing in the morning.
Set up all your mini-goals of the day and go go go!

That's about it! 
Oh, one more thing.

Bonus step - do something for you. 
Personally, I think my 'cuddling with my dog' is the highlight of my day. Some people can choose to watch an episode of their favorite series, they can choose to kiss their spouse or sleep with them (smh), etc...

Have a wonderful day !
- Tee

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