Let's Talk Trends

6:30:00 AM

Before winter comes to an end, some trends are meant to be followed for a peace of mind.

Mixing up different style trends is not a sin. You don't have to look like a walking display window, but there are some ways you can work this out. 

As we all know, denim is an undying trend that will never stop (or so I pray).
So you're denim-ing it? You're safe. 

Some other trends you want to be on the top of are


Whether on your choker or your boots, velvet is definitely the 'femme fatale' fabric of the season. 


Just like denim, leather is another fabric we can't get off when it comes to winter. Heck, we wait yearly for fall to arrive to get our bikers jackets out and feel like complete badasses again. 


Oh yes, my spirit animal. Let's all agree that fishnets are the extra touch to every ripped boyfriend jeans. I don't even know how to wear my boyfriends without it anymore. 


I know, it's cold. But hey, shoulders are the new cleavage. So cover up them boobies and show off your shoulders. They have their own attractiveness. 

Which one is YOUR favorite?

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