No Guts, No Glory. No Legend, No Story.

10:41:00 AM

Good morning sunshines! 

It's been a while, hasn't it?
And as usual, a LOT has happened in this absence. I will be telling you all about my short stay in Paris soon. 

In the meantime, I want to talk to you about COURAGE.

Through life, I struggled a lot with saying what's on my mind. Specially due to peer pressure, and my very different mindset. 

And when I look back, I think of all the moments I did NOT share my opinion about things. Which is truly the opposite of what I do right now. 

Nowadays, I think of my opinion before thinking of anyone else's. I reflect over what I WANT, what I THINK, what I DO. And that is, before checking what anyone else will WANT, or THINK or DO. 
And believe me, this way of approaching matters has changed my life drastically. 
It built up my confidence to an unreachable level. It rocketed my ambition in life to a maximum. It taught me my worth. 

And here are some steps to help YOU achieve this courageous state of mind.

1. Stop Procrastinating. 
Easier said than done, right? I ain't gonna lie to you. I still procrastinate A LOT. However, I also work A LOT. Slowly but surely. 
Better late than never.

2. Face Your Fear.
Here's the thing I did, without even realizing it. I used to be scared of heights and clowns.
Just the image of the Mcdonald's guy would make me shiver. 
But living in any kind of fear, is just not right. And I made myself get over these fears. 

And the psycho in me, is on a constant search of fears. I'm a masochist. And every time I realize I'm scared of something, I work on overcoming the fear. 
It gives you a rush of adrenaline like never before.

3. Step out of your COMFORT ZONE.
This one. Is probably. The hardest. To achieve. (That's what she said) 
You want to talk to the cute guy in the corner of the class? You want to apply to a dream job? 
Don't let your pussy guts stand in the way of your desires. DO DO DO.
And the way to do that is, to stop overthinking. 
Less think, more do.

And that's about it. 
More tips are coming your way, and a very long heart-felt message as well.
Until then, stay strong, stay foolish.

your lover, - Tee

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