'SMILE!' 'Why?'

11:59:00 AM

I will tell you WHY. Smiling has oh so many consequences. And ALL of them are positive.

First, let's agree, that smiling is contagious. Yes it is. 
You can't look at someone smiling and not do the same. UNLESS, you are making an effort to. But our primary reaction to smiling is... smiling.
And it's beautiful, when you think about it.

Also, smiling makes you 100% more attractive. If not more than that. 
When asked about what people loved most about their partners, most of them answered 'their smiles'. It's shocking for once, it isn't their genitals. 

Moreover, smiling makes you more trust-worthy. People tend to feel secure with a smiling person. They will open up and release their own tension through your smile. 
This is also very beautiful when you think about it. You're smiling? Well, your friend will benefit as well. 

Smiling boosts your immune system. Yup, that's true. I double-checked, triple-checked even, and your smile will protect you, one way or another.

Smiling also increases your productivity. 
Are you acquainted with the saying 'Feel good, do good'? 
While your smile will create your happiness through endorphins (I will not go over that subject), your happiness will create your rocketing productivity.

Will you SMILE now?

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