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I have read countless blog posts about how communication happens, better ways to listen and debate, and how-tos related to basic chats.

I went over so many websites, so many vlogs and so many studies related to that matter. And none of them made me flinch, until... 

I read this one quote saying 'We only listen to reply'

And that could not be more accurate. I have tested it in my daily life for a while. We are programmed, just as lawyers, to take in someone's argument and pledge only to turn it into the source of our own argument. 

We don't listen to work things out, we listen to reply. We listen, to find a way to be right. We don't listen to understand others, we listen to better understand the matter in hopes of manipulating it better.

It's sad when you think about it. We all claim genuineness, yet no one is close to having the peace of mind to achieve it. 
I challenged myself to listen more. 

With this challenge, a lot of changes had to be made. Being a good listener is not only about shutting the hell up and giving time for the other to talk. It's about taking your own time to give what everyone else has to say importance. It's about taking an interest in someone else's life. It's about debating important subjects. It's about being open to different points of views, different ideas and different perspectives.

It's about accepting differences between people.
It's about admitting you're not always right.

You're not always right. Let that sink in. And if you think admitting to be wrong is degrading, think again. Admitting to be wrong is not only a strength, it's also a skill that needs to be acquired. 

You're making mistakes, you're building yourself up. 
Let's remember, we're not here as a final design of ourselves. We are human beings, we are alive,  and we are constantly changing.

Accept change, accept people & start listening.

How is that related to Romantic Thursdays? 
Well, acquiring good communication skills will be beneficial on an individual level, as well as on a social level. 
Improving relationships with the people around you, will improve your relationship to yourself and vice versa.

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