7 Olive Oil Hacks For Beauty Purposes

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When you know about all the health benefits of olive oil, you understand how much I had to keep this post short. Instead of giving you ALL the olive oil hacks, I'm offering the only ones I use/tested.

Honestly, according to science and beauty bloggers, you can live your whole life having only olive oil as a product. It does EVERYTHING. 

So here are the few things I do with olive oil.
Here in Lebanon, we are lucky to have a very good olive oil. It's not expensive, and it's everywhere. 

1. Lip Scrub. 

Mix olive oil and sugar together and scrub your lips to remove dead skins and moisturize your lips.

2. Shaving Cream.

It works! And I love it. Using olive oil as a shaving cream is very recommended, specially with the feel you get after hopping off the shower. Your legs will be so smooth. #LegsForDays

3. Hair Treatment.

Obviously, it's very easy to use olive oil for hair treatment. Most specifically, as a pre-shampoo treatment. What I do is have some drops of olive oil on my palm, rub my hands together and go through my whole hair. I would ideally leave it on for 30 minutes before washing it off. It's very moisturizing and it's also good for the scalp.

4. Nails Treatment. 

We can divide this section in two. First let's talk nail strengthener. You can cover your nails with olive oil while using a cotton disk and leave them on for an ideal 30 minutes before washing it off.
Second, you can use olive oil over the nail polish to keep it place. I do it specially on my toes when I switch from sandals to a closed shoe.

5. Makeup Brush Treatment.

You can clean your brushes using olive oil. The texture of the oil makes it easy to clean the make-up off your brushes. And it will definitely keep the good feel of the brush.

6. Skin Moisturizer / Bath.

Using olive oil as a moisturizing lotion works. You can also have an olive oil bath and by that I mean, adding some spoons of olive oil onto the water and dipping it for about 20 minutes or so. The olive oil will soothe your skin as well as repair its damages.

7. Removing Eye Make-up.

Olive oil is definitely softening. You can use it to assist in removing eye make-up. When it softens the skin around the eye, it's easier for you to remove the make-up. 

That's mostly it for what I use olive oil for. 
BONUS - It's also good with Labneh. 

- Tee

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